Working trip to Minsk Oblast and city of Minsk

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The Minsk Ring Road and the roadside area should be developed more actively, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he studied the development plan of the area adjoining Minsk on 24 May.

“I have said many times what I would like to see along these roads. However, the work is making little headway. I do not see this work at some sections, because I do not visit all the places. Today I want to be very specific about the way the road and the roadside area should be,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The head of state explained that he pays much attention to renovation of roads and development of roadside infrastructure, because this shapes the country’s image. “I often criticize you for the roads, for the order and other things that have to do with our nature. Why roads and primarily the First Ring Road? Because this is the face of Minsk. Minsk is the face of the country. Foreigners often use these roads. Many visitors will come here soon for the European Games. But it is not only about that. Time has come to scale up this work,” he said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko was briefed on progress in fulfilling his instructions to maintain good order of the Minsk Ring Road and road interchanges near Minsk, in landscaping and development of the areas adjoining the Minsk Ring Road.

The president saw passenger vehicles to be in operation during the European Games, including MAZ and Neman buses and Geely Atlas cars. About 320 Belarusian crossovers will be used to provide taxi services to high-ranking officials during the games. After the games, the vehicles will be distributed among government agencies and local authorities, Minsk Mayor Anatoly Sivak said.

Speaking with drivers, the head of state noted that he likes Geely Atlas. “A decent car,” the president said. He added that it is time to promote production of electric cars.

After that, Aleksandr Lukashenko toured the ring road on board a bus designed in colors of the 2nd European Games. He was accompanied by the Minsk governor and the Minsk mayor, the head of the Belarus President Administration, the chairman of the State Control Committee, Vice Premier Vladimir Kukharev and other officials, as well as journalists. They were given a unique opportunity to learn firsthand the president’s vision of how the area along the Minsk Ring Road should be kept in order. Aleksandr Lukashenko toured the entire ring road and gave many detailed instructions. As the bus was moving along the ring road, the president commented on good and bad examples of roadside area development.

The bus made several stops along the way. One of the stops was at Kuropaty Forest that has recently been tidied up. “More trees should be planted here. Those who were buried here (they see us) will appreciate it. We can plant thujas along the perimeter. Think about adding the finishing touches to this work. We will come back one day. It is unacceptable to do anything here without permission. Someone seeks to benefit from politicizing the whole thing. You can come here, pray, lay flowers and go; please, do not disturb these people,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The head of state gave an instruction to scale up landscaping works along the Minsk Ring Road. He noted that these works should be better planned. A special focus should be placed on road interchanges, slopes and idle premises. Aleksandr Lukashenko deems it necessary to plant trees and use more shrubs native to Belarus. The president believes that instead of high fences that take away the scenery, one can plant trees, for example thujas as a living fence. The president urged to take more care of the young plants. “You need to check them. If they die, plant new ones,” the Belarusian leader said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko suggested inviting designers to develop landscaping projects for the areas along both sides of the Minsk Ring Road. The president noted that each owner of the facilities adjoining the Minsk Ring Road should be responsible for keeping this area in other. “All facilities – stores, gas stations and others – fall within their scope of responsibility,” the head of state noted. Residents of the houses located near the ring road should also get involved.

“I should say that within a day you have done more than within a year. This means that I should make inspections and not only I. Within one day you have mowed the grass and put everything straight and started watering. This is the way you should work,” the president noted as he reviewed the bus ride.

The head of state added that foreigners coming here should see that Belarus takes care of nature.