Working trip to Minsk Oblast

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During his working trip to Dzerzhinsk District on 30 March, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko visited Vyazanka dairy farm affiliated with Dzerzhinsky agricultural company.

The President learned more about the use of cutting-edge highly efficient milk production technologies. The plans to build the facility were voiced several years ago during a working trip of the head of state. Today he saw a complete project launched with the help of the best international practices.

Aleksandr Lukashenko was told about the automation of many processes which helped improve the milk production system. A laboratory located at Vyazanka farm guarantees the high quality of local products.

Aleksandr Lukashenko was briefed on the operation of the dairy farm and gave a thumbs-up to the new facility. He stressed that its cost (around $6.5 million) was affordable. The project is expected to start bringing profit in six years. “We need to build such farms. This is a wonderful project. Every bank will be happy to finance it,” the President underlined.

The social and economic development of Dzerzhinsky agricultural company, Dzerzhinsk District, Minsk Oblast, and animal breeding was in the focus of the President’s working trip, too.

As for the preparedness for the upcoming sowing campaign, there are no serious and unsolvable problems, the officials in charge underlined. The equipment is ready, stocks of mineral fertilizers are in place, the work is underway to attract farm machinery operators and provide agricultural companies with fuel during the active stage of the sowing campaign.

Aleksandr Lukashenko inquired whether the plans to construct and renovate dairy farms had been put into practice. They must be implemented in the current five-year period, he underlined. The President also recalled the instruction to construct forage storages. He was promised that this task will be completed in 2018 before the corn harvest campaign begins. “No mounds. The forage should be kept in normal conditions. We are wasting a lot of money, which affects the cost of products,” the Belarusian leader noted.