Workers of various industries officially thanked by Belarus President

    Workers of various industries were awarded Belarus President’s commendation. The corresponding executive order was signed by President Aleksandr Lukashenko.

    For a big contribution to the prevention of economic crimes the Belarusian President thanked workers of the State Control Committee. Among them are chief specialist of the coordination and international cooperation department of the financial monitoring department Svetlana Poddubskaya and head of the department for the audit of industries and the monetary sector of the Mogilev Oblast branch of the committee Yuri Frolov.

    The President’s commendation was conferred on workers of the State Secretariat of the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus for a big personal input in the promotion of the national security.

    Reporter of The 7 Days Newspaper Oksana Mytko and executive secretary for visual information of the BelTA News Agency Alexander Chemokhonenko were officially thanked by the Belarusian President for a big contribution to the development of the Belarusian journalism and national information policy.

    The President also thanked teacher of the Novopolotsk State Music College Mikhail Ivashkin for professional excellence and huge cultural achievements.