Women's Day greetings

    Dear countrywomen,

    I cordially congratulate you on Women's Day.

    This first spring holiday awakens heartwarming feelings of respect, gratitude, and love for women.

    Your commitment to strengthening young Belarus, promoting healthcare and education, culture and science, sport, business, and the financial sector deserve the highest praise. Here you display your best qualities – kindness, sensitivity, tenacity of purpose, and responsibility.

    Since the beginning of time a woman has been worshiped as a keeper of hearth and home. Many women combine career and child rearing. We bow deeply before you.

    May the words of gratitude to our mothers, wives, daughters, all women, who fill and adorn our lives with beauty, warmth, and sympathy, sound in a special way.

    Health and well-being to you and your relatives. I wish you success in all understandings.

    Be happy!

    Aleksandr Lukashenko