Meeting with Russia President Vladimir Putin in Sochi

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The meeting of Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko and President of Russia Vladimir Putin took place in Sochi on 22 August.

The Belarusian head of state said: “We have indeed something to talk about. But I wouldn’t say that problems are piling up. We have problems, which are dealt with swiftly or take a long time to resolve. But, fortunately, no new problems have been emerging recently as I see it. Nevertheless, these problems cannot be resolved without us. Some problems we happen to deal with are not ours. This is why we indeed have something to talk about. I’d be glad if you add to my knowledge with regard to international relations, your meetings, your impressions, and joint actions in the international scene.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko thanked Vladimir Putin for the invitation to come and take his mind off everyday presidential problems a bit. “I come here every year. It is a part of Belarus. At every opportunity I try to come here in order to get away from the problems, which always pile up, for 3-4 days. These problems are the same everywhere. You have them, too, only on a larger scale,” noted the Belarusian head of state.

Vladimir Putin noted he was glad to meet with the Belarus president and discuss in private the matters concerning the advancement of bilateral cooperation and interaction in various integration formats, problems on the international agenda.

“You and I meet with each other regularly, nevertheless, each meeting is significant and very important for us,” he stressed.