Visit to N.N.Aleksandrov National Oncology and Medical Radiology Center

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On 7 October Belarus President Alexander took part in the opening of the National Positron Emission Tomography Center and the National Molecular Genetic Laboratory for Cancer Research on the basis of the N.N.Aleksandrov National Oncology and Medical Radiology Center.

The head of state was informed about the state of affairs in the National Oncology and Medical Radiology Center, its prospects, development of diagnostics, prevention and treatment of oncological diseases. Aleksandr Lukashenko was informed about accomplishments of the oncological service and the healthcare system on the whole as well as the production of Belarus-made antitumor medications.

The President visited the molecular genetic lab which opens up new unique opportunities for the diagnostics of cancer. The lab comprises six diagnostics departments that specialize in their own fields of molecular oncology studies. The lab also produces antitumor vaccines and develops new methods to treat cancer patients using cell products.

Aleksandr Lukashenko was made familiar with the equipment of the PET scan center. The new facility has been equipped with tools to allow early diagnostics of cancer, neurological and heart diseases. It also allows prescribing precise treatment schemes and choosing the medicine that will be best for the patient. Thus, Belarus is one of the first few countries to enter the age of individualized and personalized medicine.

Apart from that, the President met with the participants of the nationwide conference “New technologies in medicine” hosted by the National Oncology and Medical Radiology Center. The head of state took note of high importance of such conferences where specialists may speak freely about existing problems. Aleksandr Lukashenko added that when meeting with conference participants he wanted to hear their assessments of the health system, and prospects of its development.

According to the President, it is needed to continue the introduction of new approaches in the diagnostics and treatment of diseases. “The main objective is not to rest on the laurels,” the head of state stressed. He praised modern technologies used at the center. The National Positron Emission Tomography Center and the National Molecular Genetic Laboratory for Cancer Research opened there on 7 October. There are no such facilities in many neighboring countries. According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, the construction and equipment of the center is only the beginning, people are the main priority. “I wanted to see those who work here: experienced specialists and young doctors. The main things for them are to be smart and work hard. Here I saw young people devoted to their work. This is our future, it means that we did not waste money,” the head of state remarked.

Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that lot of funds were invested in Belarus’ healthcare in 2011-2015. The head of state said that the investments should bring profit. He reminded that the government has taken concrete measures to raise the efficiency of healthcare facilities, namely midwife stations, rural health clinics and national research centers. Modern surgical and intensive care units have been opened in hospitals, all conditions have been provided for the operation of national research centers. Health and lives of people are number one priority.

Aleksandr Lukashenko also said that he is planning to look into the operation of healthcare institutions to check the quality of medical aid. This pertains to national centers, many rural health clinics and midwife stations.

Belarus prioritizes he development of healthcare. The Belarusian President spoke about the achievements of Belarusian doctors, including in the reduction of maternal and child mortality, at the session of the UN General Assembly in September. Belarusian healthcare workers are leaders in many fields. In a manner of speaking, healthcare has a political component because foreign businessmen see the achievements of Belarus, invest money and set up ventures here.

The President gave an instruction to study the prospects of establishing a cell technology center in Belarus. The President stressed that it is very important to choose the right way of medicine development. In his opinion, it is necessary to use knowledge and the best practices to move forward.