Viktor Shinkevich appointed Head of Belarus President’s Security Service

    The head of state Aleksandr Lukashenko appointed Viktor Shinkevich Head of the Security Service of the Belarusian President.

    “I think that you know more than anybody else about the essence of this service. You know that the Security Service has a huge responsibility,” the head of state said.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked that there were a number of proposals regarding the appointment of the Security Service head. “Probably, someone views it as a cushy job. But they do not understand what the job is about,” he said. “I had to choose from two options: to appoint a person from outside in order to shake up the Security Service or to choose a person who has worked in the Security Service for a long time, who knows it well and will not have to waste time to learn how it operate,” the President remarked. “You know that we do not have time for a slow start. There are many events where it is necessary to ensure the security of the President, to solve other issues that fall within the scope of the Security Service.”

    Taking into account that you have been working in the special service for all your life, your expertise and attitude to work, I chose the second option and decided against appointing an outside person, the head of state added.

    However, the President emphasized that it does not mean that everything should be left as it is. “I have many questions towards the President’s Security Service,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.