Victory Day greetings

    Dear compatriots!

    I sincerely wish you Happy Victory Day.

    9 May is a sacred day for every Belarusian. It was the day when our people won back the right to live and hope for the future.

    We honor the heroism and fearlessness of the Fatherland defenders who believed in the victory, fought bravely for the country. We pay tribute to homefront workers and all those who rebuilt our towns and villages from the ruins after the war.

    We bow low before you, our dear veterans.

    The Great Victory unites generations, sets an example of fortitude and patriotism for the youth, and inspires us to build a better future. Preserving the memory about the feat of our nation is our historical duty to the past and the future.

    On this remarkable day I wish happiness and wellbeing to all of you and peace and prosperity to our Belarus.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko