Victory Day greetings

    Dear compatriots,

    I sincerely wish you Happy Victory Day.

    In fierce battles of the Great Patriotic War 72 years ago the Soviet Army and its allies defeated Nazism, stopped its inhuman aggression. Belarusian families honor the military feat of their ancestors and keep their orders, medals, photos and letters from the front like priceless relics.

    Dear veterans, we honor and admire you! We will always remember the names of millions of soldiers and workers of the home front fighting for the freedom of the Homeland!

    The unexampled heroism of the Soviet people inspires the current generation of our compatriots to creative labor; and the memory of the Great Victory will consolidate the society in the efforts to overcome global challenges and threats.

    On this truly national holiday I wish you health, optimism, wellbeing and peace.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko