Victory Day greetings

    Dear compatriots,

    I wish you Happy Victory Day.

    This historical date has been one of the brightest and most important holidays for our nation for 71 years. We honor the heroism and selflessness of Fatherland defenders. Thankful descendants will always remember the glorious feat of soldiers and home front workers.

    Belarus was the first country that faced an attack of the enemy and became a human shield on the way of treacherous invaders. Together with the fraternal people of the Soviet Union, Belarusian people selflessly fought for the long-awaited Victory liberating the native country and European countries from the Nazi enslavement. Then they returned to the normal life, rebuilt destroyed towns and burned villages.

    On this holiday we thank our veterans who survived all the difficulties during the war. Thank you very much!

    We will always remember and honor the names of millions of people who fought for the independence of the Fatherland and worked hard to achieve this high goal.

    I sincerely wish you strong health, happiness, and confidence in the future.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko