Telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin

    A telephone conversation between the Presidents of Belarus and Russia took place in the evening of 5 February. Aleksandr Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin discussed three blocks of issues related to the Belarusian-Russian cooperation.

    The first block of issues concerned bilateral relations. The Presidents discussed the general agenda of cooperation in economy, politics and security. In particular, they discussed further actions within the framework of the Union State to ensure security of Belarus and Russia.

    The main thing the heads of state agreed upon was to set a date for a meeting in the near future. Its main goal will be to monitor the implementation of the instructions given earlier by the Presidents. First of all, the instructions concern import substitution and all the areas of anti-sanction cooperation. This was the second block of issues discussed by Aleksandr Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin over the phone.

    The third block of issues was about the preparations for the Supreme State Council summit. The meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union State is due to take place in February, and the Supreme State Council is tentatively scheduled for April and May. The meeting participants are expected to formalize the existing agreements and sign the relevant documents. The heads of state are set to discuss and clarify the entire range of current issues during their upcoming meeting.