Special presidential fund allocates Br812.36 million to support talented youth

    Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed an executive order to approve the decision of the Talented Youth Special Support Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus.

    The fund will allocate Br812.36 million to support young people.

    In particular, Br418.3 million will be allocated to support talented youth, of which Br79.2 million will be funneled into paying 18 scholarships, Br33.2 million will be used to pay 14 prizes, Br255 million will be allocated to pay 164 incentive bonuses, Br42.9 million will be spent on five grand prizes, Br8 million will be earmarked into supporting active participants of creative events. Some Br225.85 million will be used to purchase musical instruments, stage costumes, painting materials and equipment for cultural educational institutions. The fund will provide Br168.21 million to arrange training of students of the Belarusian Academy of Arts in the leading universities of Russia.

    Signing of the executive order means that talented young people will receive targeted support from the state.