Meeting to discuss performance of Belarus’ banking sector

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Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko convened a meeting to discuss the performance of the banking sector on 27 June.

“Today I would like to touch upon several issues regarding the performance of the banking sector. The National Bank suggests giving more leverage to individual banking organizations taking into account cooperation prospects with potential investors and external counter-parties. Before approving your proposals, I would like to make sure that they will help address the country’s tasks. The state is at the heart of everything,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted as he started the meeting.

The President emphasized that these proposals are expected to expand the capabilities of the banking sector and facilitate the development of domestic enterprises. “There should be no red tape. I have already told you at the beginning: forget about the sanctions. You can find a way out of any situation,” the head of state is convinced.

“I would like you to dwell on cross-border payments. We already discussed this topic at the end of March and we agreed to help domestic enterprises make payments to foreign partners and return foreign currency earnings to the country,” Aleksandr Lukashenko recalled.