Session to discuss renovation of local roads

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The local network of roads should be improved within three-four years, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at the government session held on 5 April to discuss the development of local roads.

The head of state reminded that the decision to hold this session which will focus on the topical issues of local roads development was made at the ceremony to open the second Minsk ring road in 2016. “This issue is of paramount importance,” the President said. The main objective of the session was to reveal the main reasons for the unsatisfactory condition of local roads and find solutions to pending issues. Within three-four years the local road network should be improved. “By the end of 2020 we should complete the renovation and maintenance of local roads,” the President said.

There are enough technologies for the high-quality maintenance of roads in Belarus, the President stressed. “You should bear in mind that we have agreed to build roads with concrete pavement. If it is still relevant and beneficial today (at least no specialist has ever told me that it is not), it means that we should build as many roads with concrete pavement as possible. If it is impossible, use both asphalt and concrete materials,” the head of state said. “I will stress once again: we have enough technologies. You have four years to look for funds, develop a plan and improve our roads using the allocated funds. Governors will monitor the progress in this field.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked that in the recent time Belarus has drawn much attention to the development of the network of major national motorways. “This is natural. And the problem of local roads has to a certain extent become of secondary importance. As result, people began to complain about the condition of the road network in regions. And their complaints are justified. According to various estimates, from six to ten thousand kilometers of roads should be repaired immediately. You should also remember that our people are not used to bad roads,” the Belarusian leader stressed.

In his words, local authorities often complain about the lack of funds. “In this context, I would like to warn you: there has always been a lack of funds, even in Soviet times. Some time ago the government introduced a tax on vehicles in addition to the funds provided from local budgets. Of course, more funds are needed for the renovation and maintenance of local roads today,” the President said.