Session to discuss passing of new wording of Directive No. 1

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Directive No. 1 “Measures to strengthen public security and discipline” of 11 March 2004 may be updated. The idea was discussed at the government conference held by the Belarus president on 6 August.

Speaking about the agenda of the conference, Aleksandr Lukashenko mentioned the advisability of adopting a new document to replace Directive No. 1 or updating the current document. According to the head of state, if created, the new document will have to be down-to-earth and concrete without any formalism.

An analysis of current Directive No. 1 revealed that the content of the document does not match the current level of development of the society, the problems being dealt with, and the current situation. More than that, some of the regulations specified by the Directive have been implemented. The President said: “Directive No. 1 has run its course. Positive trends have emerged with regard to many areas covered by the Directive.” In particular, the occurrence rate of industrial injuries has dropped. Aleksandr Lukashenko reminded that the number of human deaths caused by industrial accidents had been very high and is now falling. Apart from that, the number of emergencies and the number of people killed by fires have dropped. The President remarked that the problem still exists, yet positive trends are obvious. The number of people, who get killed, has been reduced thanks to the falling crime rate. “However, it is not the time to rest on our laurels because not all the problems have been resolved. Besides, new challenges require adequate responses,” stressed the head of state.

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, the purpose of the government conference was to decide on whether the country needs a new directive and whether the current directive needs to be updated to match current trends.

During the conference the view of the State Secretariat of the Security Council, which oversees the fulfillment of Directive No. 1, was presented as well as views of those directly involved in implementing the document. Aleksandr Lukashenko asked whether the measures suggested for the new edition of the document would be sufficient for counteracting threats to people’s security. The President also asked what else needed to be done for the sake of rehabilitating the society and reinforcing law and order. “I would like to warn you that no formalism will be tolerated in these matters. Otherwise, we will write some treatise without any concrete purpose. After reading such a document people would not understand what needs to be done, what problems exist and how one goes about resolving them,” said the President.

“If we create a document, it has to be down-to-earth and specific. I would like every executive, member of the government, every minister and official to know what their tasks are and in what direction they should move. We have been unable to evade such formalism so far,” stated the Belarusian head of state. Aleksandr Lukashenko did not rule out the possibility of updating other directives, for instance, those covering economic security and efforts to reduce red tape practices. “The issue we raise, its wording are very important for the society. People will understand that we pay close attention to the matter,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko. “But wording on its own will not cut it. The directive has to offer avenues of action and a set of concrete measures that we have to implement in the near future and distant future in order to have a normal, live society, which is able to survive,” concluded the head of state.

he head of state said that many people are not used to taking care of their lives and health themselves. “Almost one third of injuries or deaths at work happened due to personal negligence and the lack of discipline. Of course, it is impossible to control all the activities of workers. However, we must enhance the responsibility of directors for the discipline and order at work. Some of them still demonstrate formalism, callousness and negligence,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.
The President believes that it is also necessary to solve the problem of alcohol abuse. One third of crimes are committed by people under the influence of alcohol. About 3,000 people, including 2,000 able-bodied people, die from alcohol-related causes every year, the head of state stressed.

Drug abuse is another grave problem which kills people, especially young people. This is a threat to the genetic pool of the nation, the President remarked. He reminded that certain decisions have been made in this area; there are plans to discuss the fulfillment of these instructions at the end of the year.

Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked that huge budget funds are spent on the treatment from alcoholism, drug abuse and smoking. The state sustains huge economic losses from these negative issues, the President said.

He emphasized that order and discipline should be the core of every personnel. “First of all, these things should be in the hearts and minds of people. It is important to cultivate the rejection of negligence and alcoholism. This should be a continuous and persistent work,” the head of state said.