Session to discuss improvement of procedure of consideration of draft legal acts by Belarus President

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The draft decree to revise the regulation on the procedure of consideration of draft legal acts by the Belarus President was on the agenda of the session held by the head of state on 4 December.

According to the President, the draft decree fine-tunes the existing lawmaking process. “Certain issues needed revising,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. He stressed that the lawmaking process is an objective need of any state; and this process should be systemic. “The legislative process should be systemic and well-organized. We have recently done a lot to streamline this process in the country,” the President stressed.

The draft documents submitted to the office of the head of state will be sent both to Belarus President Administration and also to the State Secretariat of the Security Council or the Belarus President Property Management Directorate depending on the purview of these documents. Apart from that, the Belarus President Administration should conduct a mandatory legal examination of the draft documents; the head of this agency should initial them. This mechanism has been used for a long time and is rational.

Aleksandr Lukashenko has approved a draft decree. It will be finalized and submitted to the head of state taking into consideration all the issues discussed at the session.