Session to discuss economy development

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Plans concerning the country’s future economic development, export diversification and the advancement of cooperation with Russia are on the agenda of today’s conference hosted by Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko to discuss economy development.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “Everyone understands that the last few months, the fourth quarter of any year is the time for working out the country’s future development plans. Primarily plans for the next year. Manufacturing and our entire life as a whole. I’ve mentioned repeatedly that this year and the next one are special due to the parliamentary and Presidential elections. We are going to pass an exam. This is why we should pick up the slack everywhere.”

The head of state once again drew attention of the government to the need to look for new markets for Belarusian exports. “Diversifying target markets without losing profitability of our sales is the most important task. Yes, we are working towards it but very slowly,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stated.

“Nobody is trying to hide the fact that Russia is the main market for Belarusian products,” the President added. “The dependence is very great albeit on a brotherly nation. Our country’s dependence on imports, primarily hydrocarbon raw materials, is huge.”

The President remarked that the matter of cooperation with Russia and the development of final proposals on further integration actions remain of current interest. “We will have to discuss this matter today. We need to make clear-cut plans for the future. We need to decide how we are going to grow and make up our minds,” he stressed.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said that although most of his attention is directed towards agriculture, he keeps an eye on other branches of the economy, too. “Getting plans implemented in all sectors is the key task of the government. There will be no one to blame. You and I made the plans. I authorized these performance targets upon your initiative and we have to hit them. It is the job of not every official but every citizen of Belarus,” the President stressed.