Session to discuss draft legal acts

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We need to raise scientists’ salaries depending on the concrete results of their work, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at the session held on 21 December to discuss draft legal acts aimed at the development of the real production sector, promotion of scientific work and employment.

The head of state reminded that at the session held in April 2017 to discuss the prospects of Belarusian science an instruction was given to develop new principles and approaches to the calculation of scientists’ salaries. In this context, he asked about the progress in this field, about the proposed sources and mechanisms of labor remuneration in science, about the efficiency of these measures.

“In other words, will scientists start getting decent salaries for the results of their work? This is the main conceptual requirement: to pay more for concrete results and to stimulate these results,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The president remarked that at the recent 2nd Congress of Scientists of Belarus he promised to sign a document on raising salaries in science. This document should have been prepared much earlier, the head of state said.

He also spoke about the proposals of the Academy of Sciences on the National Science and Technology Park BelBiograd. “I am not sure that this sci-tech institution should have a special status of a national park. I have looked through a corresponding draft decree. A certain special zone will be introduced there. What kind of a special zone is that, do we have such zones?” Aleksandr Lukashenko wondered. He asked about the feasibility of this project and wanted to know how it will affect the development of science and the economy.

Apart from that, the president stressed that the country is interested in the development of the digital economy. These issues have been discussed at a recent meeting. “Now I want the participants of this meeting to tell me about the concrete aspects of this large-scale project. What impact will they have on the traditional economy and the country in general? We will discuss this issue for the last time this year, and for the last time before I sign a corresponding document,” he said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko also remarked that part of the draft documents submitted for consideration are focused on t he development of certain industrial enterprises. “How will the proposed measures affect the stability of work of our flagships in metal industry, machine building, wood processing, and housing construction? I mean these draft documents where you ask for the budget support of enterprises once again,” the head of state said. The president stressed that he had recently held a session where he voiced his position on the issue.