Session to discuss development of education system

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The system of education should be improved on the basis of achievements, without reforms and premature decisions, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at the session held on 1 April to discuss topical issues of the education system development.

The head of state pointed out the importance of developing the education system in modern conditions. Besides, the President remarked that this is the first attempt to consider the most important issues which have been outlined before the presidential election and have taken shape after the election. Among other things, this pertains to education.

Speaking about education which was the main topic of the today’s government session, the President said that it is one of the pending issues. The head of state reminded that he had given a concrete instruction to the new education minister to improve the system on the basis of achievements, without drastic reforms and demolition. “We have had a rather good system of education since Soviet times, we have transformed it. We have addressed this issue several times, published new schoolbooks. Nevertheless, we still have to do a lot,” the head of state is convinced.

“We have outlined a number of topical issues and given concrete instructions to solve all pending issues,” the President stressed. In his words, these issues concern everybody and have an immensely strong impact on the future.

Belarus’ Vice Premier Natalia Kochanova informed the President about the fulfillment of his instructions in the education sector. She said that various regions of Belarus hosted meetings with school and kindergarten teachers, directors of educational institutions. The vice premier inspected the operation of many kindergartens, schools, vocational colleges and universities, attended lessons. Natalia Kochanova assured that the situation in educational institutions is stable. She stressed: “We have refrained from all kinds of reforms and thoughtless experiments. We do not need drastic changes today."

The President is convinced that the system of education should meet all modern challenges and requirements. The main objectives for teachers are to teach and bring up children.