Session of Belarus’ Security Council

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A concept of information security has been submitted for discussion at the Security Council of Belarus. The document has been developed on a routine basis following the instruction of Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko taking into account the peculiarities and challenges of the current environment.

According to the President, partaking in the preparation of the document were also scientists, specialists in various fields, civil servants.

“Efficient efforts of the state to ensure the information security are needed. It should rely on the rationally built legal foundation and uniform understanding of strategic goals and common tasks,” the President said.

Speaking about the practical measures and aspects of ensuring information security, Aleksandr Lukashenko deemed it necessary to pay more attention to the protection of the major constitutional framework of the society, first of all, connected with the state sovereignty. “We see how information flows wash out the national mentality, identity of countries and nations. Social ties of people, ways of thinking, methods of communication, perception of reality are changing significantly. In this context, it is essential to promote the principles of humanity and justice, the priorities of strong family relations and a healthy lifestyle,” the head of state said.

On the whole, Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked that today the information environment plays a key role for any state and every person. All-round interests of people are expanding, communication technologies are increasingly vibrant. Belarus is making progress in the formation of the information society, and global ratings where the country is ranked rather high prove that.

“The number of electronic resources and communications is constantly on the rise in the country. In the coming decades the majority of industries will shift to new digital economic models. Of course, the state wants people to get full and reliable information. People should have an opportunity to protect their personal rights in the media space and make their lives more comfortable in general with the help of cutting-edge achievements,” the Belarusian leader said.

At the same time, just like other countries Belarus cannot ignore brand-new risks emerging from IT development. “Escalating conflicts in the world and the absence of clear-cut rules of conduct in this sphere turn these risks into real threats to the constitutional basics and comprehensive development of any state,” the head of state said.

According to the President, a growing destructive impact on the society, manipulations with mass consciousness, distribution of fake information arouse concerns. “These things fuel modern social cataclysms. As a result, millions of people are suffering, the political map of the world is changing. Universal ethic norms are put on the back burner. The functioning of any state becomes more susceptible to computer incidents,” Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized.

He stressed that the secure operation of the cyber-infrastructure is important for the sustainable development of the country. “We do not advertise our efforts to ensure the so-called cybersecurity. However, we have been taking these efforts for the couple of years and they are seamlessly integrated in corresponding international services. At the same time, Belarus is not immune to cyberattacks and cybercrimes,” the head of state added.

The President also urged everyone to step up efforts in their zones of responsibility. He stressed that the majority of problems in various fields emerge because of lackadaisical approaches and the lack of discipline. “There will be tough responsibility. I do not want to frighten or threaten anyone,”Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked. “Even issues connected with a healthy lifestyle is solved at the president’s level. If the president does not see the problem out of the corner of his eye, it will not be solved. Everybody is waiting for instructions. Instructions were given. Start to work. From mass media to this very healthy lifestyle.”

The head of state also focused on the state of affairs in the economy. “The economy is the pillar of everything, be it security, cybersecurity, mass media security. Such things as information security, concepts, laws, rigorous methods and heavy-handed discipline will be useless without the economy. We know in what case we will not have the economy. Unfortunately, it is all tied up in discipline and promptness,” the Belarusian leader stressed.