Resolution on Talented Youth Support Fund approved

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed an executive order to approve the resolution of the talented youth support fund.

    In accordance with the abovementioned resolution, the fund will spend Br285,909.48 on four scholarships and five prizes to students of educational institutions of culture, 24 incentive awards to students and art groups. Material aid has been provided to 72 talented young people.

    Grand prizes and lapel badges to the fund have been presented to 14 people and one art group.

    Besides, the fund has given eight grants for creative projects, organization of a concert of the funds’ laureates, and an exhibition of creative achievements of students of Belarusian children’s art schools, purchase of musical instruments, stage outfits, and equipment.

    The resolution of the President of Belarus proves that the state is constantly paying much attention to the targeted support of talented youth, students, and art groups.