Report on situation at OAO Kamvol

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko heard out a report about the state of affairs at the Belarusian textile manufacturer OAO Kamvol on 4 December.

    The President explained why he had decided against visiting OAO Kamvol the day before. Aleksandr Lukashenko noted it had been a deliberate decision. “I didn’t go there because the minister tried to whitewash the enterprise. In order to show off the enterprise’s operation for a couple of days he collected all the resources of the ministry and the concern, all the resources he could get, in order to get the machines operating for a day or two. He may have intended to shut them down after the president left,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.

    There were also a number of other matters that were supposed to be addressed before the President’s visit, including personnel matters. Aleksandr Lukashenko promised he would visit OAO Kamvol unexpectedly in the future.

    The head of state added that cooperation of OAO Kamvol with the Bryansk woolen cloth factory will be examined, in particular, the renting of OAO Kamvol’s new equipment by the Russian company.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko was presented a strategy meant to guide OAO Kamvol’s operation till the end of 2015 and through 2016, with prices and target markets specified. As a result of the report the head of state decided in favor of appropriating additional funds to OAO Kamvol for the sake of replenishing the current assets. The relevant presidential decree will be signed soon.