Report on measures taken to finish harvest campaign

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The harvest campaign should be finished in Belarus by 7 November, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as heard out a report on the measures taken to finish the harvest campaign in the country and the proposals to improve the cultivated land structure in Vitebsk Oblast on 23 October.

The head of state asked about the topical aspects of agricultural development in the country and suggested taking a broader look at this issue. “This is important not only in production but also in people’s lives, i.e. in the social aspect,” Aleksandr Lukashenko explained.

He paid special attention to need to finish the harvest campaign. It was remarked that in general it proceeds on schedule but it is essential to speed up in certain fields. “I want this job to be done by 7 November,” the President said.

The next stage should be the preparations for the spring sowing campaign. The future harvest will depend on its efficiency, Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked. “Right now the work in this field is not organized well,” he said. “It is essential to start preparing the land today.”

It is essential to revise approaches in agriculture in Vitebsk Oblast, Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “Vitebsk Oblast is a very sensitive issue in our country. We need to carry out a serious reform in Vitebsk Oblast’s agricultural industry. We have agreed to begin with the cultivated land structure. It is necessary to change approaches in agriculture in Vitebsk Oblast in a radical way,” the President remarke said.

In this context, the head of state asked about the progress in the field and the measures that the region is going to take next year to improve the situation. “We must solve this issue once and for all. The cultivated land structure and the focus on the structure of agricultural production are especially important. It is needed to decide what we will produce there (milk, beef, pork, poultry) taking into account the climatic conditions in Vitebsk Oblast and land fertility, the level of farming and agriculture in general. Personnel issues are especially important,” the President said.

He demanded objective reports without attempts to conceal problems and present issues in a favorable light. “You will not improve the situation with your reports on the gross output of certain products. Money is the main thing. It is good when the production is profitable and you are able to earn money. If you cannot do it, do not tell me about the livestock weight gain and the quality of milk. But for this purpose it is essential to improve production management. But it is not my function to operate the production process. Governors should be in charge of it, and you should get information. Efficiency is a priority,” Aleksandr Lukashenko concluded.