Report of Vitebsk Oblast Governor Nikolai Sherstnev

    Harvesting remains in focus of Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko. The head of state receives daily field reports from agriculture officials and heads of the oblast executive committees. On 13 August Aleksandr Lukashenko heard out a detailed report of Vitebsk Oblast Governor Nikolai Sherstnev on the progress with harvesting in the region.

    As of 13 August, 60% of farmland in Vitebsk Oblast has been cleared; over 650,000 tonnes of grain has been harvested. The harvesting process cannot shift into high gear because of the weather. For example, today the work on the field was suspended because of the rain.

    At the same time, farmers are optimistic about this year’s harvesting season, Nikolai Sherstnev said. As soon as the weather improves, farmers will embark on the work with renewed energy and vigor.

    The President also asked about flax harvesting in Vitebsk Oblast. As of 13 August, nearly 75% or 10,000 hectares of land under flax has been cropped.