Report of Prosecutor General Alexander Konyuk

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Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko met with Prosecutor General Alexander Konyuk on 21 February. The head of state heard out Alexander Konyuk’s report and instructed him to take part in the preparations for the meeting with the country’s law enforcement.

The forthcoming meeting will review the performance in 2018 and discuss a number of matters that need attention of the head of state. “Just like last year I delegated this task to the Belarus President Administration. However, you should also get involved, as well as the Security Council. You should team up to prepare an annual review meeting of all the law enforcement agencies. I would ask you to focus on challenges, rather than our great achievements (that we have and that are visible),” the President said.

“I suggest we have a brief report on last year’s performance and then focus on current issues. We should put on a united front rather than act like the police do when someone there says something and it causes uproar. And then someone else doubles down on it… We need to have a uniform concept. We can come up with such a concept following the meeting. And this concept will be comprehensive covering the army, the Investigative Committee and other agencies,” the head of state noted.

He asked Prosecutor General Alexander Konyuk to give a brief summary of the issues that need attention and approval of the President.

Taking into consideration that Alexander Konyuk also chairs the Supervisory Council of the Belarusian Cross-Country Skiing Federation, he was asked to update the President about the state of things in this sport.