Remarks of the President at the Independence Day military parade

  • 15
  • 3:27
Distinguished soldiers, sergeants, warrant officers and officers,

Dear veterans,

Dear compatriots and guests of Belarus,

Today we celebrate the main holiday of our country, Independence Day.

Every nation has momentous days and events that become a starting point for a new period of their history, cause spiritual uplift and unite all the citizens.

The liberation of Minsk, the capital city of our Homeland, from Nazi invaders is such a day for Belarus.

It was chosen by the Belarusians as their Independence Day. It embodies two noble values, namely Freedom and Independence.

And this is not accidental. Freedom cannot be gained at a scratch of a pen. Our independence is based on the achievements of the generation of victors, those who sacrificed everything– their lives – to bring the long-awaited freedom to the country.

Belarus was the one who bore the brunt of the war. Heroic resistance of our people started at the very first moments of the war at the walls of the Brest Fortress and went on until the complete expulsion of the enemy from our Homeland.

Belarus was hit the hardest by the war among all the republics of the USSR and members of the Anti-German Coalition. Ruthless genocide claimed lives of one third of the population.

Today we pay tribute to all those who contributed to our common victory over fascism, to the liberation of our Homeland and the entire world from the enslavers.

The new millennium did not make the world a safer and more secure place. We still see a number of countries and military blocs dictating and interfering with internal affairs of sovereign nations in addition to manifestations of international terrorism.

Force, economic leverage, and information wars are used as instruments of pressure.

Our country’s durability is tested. However, the unity, wisdom, and strength of the Belarusian nation have repeatedly proven that any attempts to destabilize the situation in our country are doomed to fail.

I am convinced that we will decently weather any trials in the future.

Dear friends,

Belarus is a peaceful and open country. We wish kindness and prosperity to all the countries and peoples. Friendliness and heartiness are the distinguishing features of the Belarusian national character.

We are sincerely loyal to friends and allies. We always welcome those, who are ready to work, trade, and communicate with us. Our nation does not suffer from delusions of grandeur – we are always ready to hear out others’ opinions and advice if they are pure hearted.

But we do not tolerate lies, insincerity, and dictate.

The principled position of Belarus is transparent and unyielding – relations in the world should be based on openness, mutual respect and the rule of international law.

But the cornerstone of international relations is honesty. For us, for Belarus honesty has been and will remain a cornerstone of the domestic and foreign policy.

In order to discourage people from challenging us, the Belarusian Army should demonstrate a high level of combat readiness, so that no one will ever think of attacking our country.

Our border should be open for visitors coming here with good intensions and tightly closed for any kind of criminals and trespassers whoever they are.

Peace and order in Belarus are a great value and achievement of our people. We all need to protect and defend them.

Dear veterans,

We bow to you for your exemplary courage, for your Great Feat. It is not only freedom and independence that you brought for us. You gave us and the next generations the main thing – you gave us Life.

Dear compatriots,

On this sacred day I wish you a peaceful sky above, bright future, happiness, health and wellbeing.

Glory to the Belarusian nation who defended the freedom of the Fatherland, who do their best for the prosperity of their beloved Homeland!

Happy Independence Day!