Greetings to participants of event timed to 140th anniversary of birth of Yanka Kupala

    Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has sent greetings to the participants of the solemn event timed to the 140th anniversary of the birth of the national poet of Belarus, the classic of Belarusian and world literature Yanka Kupala.

    “For many generations, the famous Pesnyar was a guiding star, an example of selfless service to the Fatherland. The works of this poet, playwright, publicist celebrated and eulogized the richness and beauty of the Belarusian language, our breathtaking nature, the glorious history of our country. It is deeply symbolic that this year, the Year of Historical Memory, we again turn to Yanka Kupala’s works that are regarded as the source of high spirituality of the Belarusian people,” the message of greetings reads.

    The President expressed confidence that the celebration of this date would help reveal new talents, strengthen the unity of the Belarusian society and further develop the national culture.