President attends celebrations marking Fatherland Defender's Day 23 February

    President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko believes that the attempts to destroy Belarus’ sovereignty are abortive. The President made this statement at a reception attended by the key personnel of the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies of Belarus.

    The head of state underlined that it is one of the most respected holidays of the Belarusian people. An overwhelming majority of Belarusian men have been tutored by the army. They learned weapons and tactics not from computer games or action movies. Many of them have taken part in wars and local conflicts. Belarusian soldiers have always been defenders and liberators. "They have shown an example of valor, tenacity, and bravery," the President stressed.

    The President remarked that luckily Belarusian troops take part only in exercises but the Belarusian army is in every way a combat-effective one. It is the professionalism of the Belarusian military that is the key factor of strategic dissuasion of foreign aggression.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked that results of the last year’s military exercises, including the Belarusian-Russian exercise Union Shield, the examination of the readiness of rapid response and territorial defense forces demonstrate the capability and preparedness of the Belarusian army and other power-wielding bodies to effectively fulfill their tasks.

    According to the head of state, the fact confirms that the way chosen to ensure security is the right one. The high level of patriotism of Belarusian citizens is the core of the defensive capacity of our Fatherland, believes the President.

    However, modern world constantly makes us confront with new challenges and threats. According to the head of state, information and psychological expansionism coupled with military power still dominates the choice of instruments to resolve international disputes. In disguise of benevolent causes, more and more countries are becoming the target of open aggression.

    Using a variety of political and information technologies, they violently overturned the government in a number of countries in North Africa. An open military interference of the Nato with the domestic affairs of the sovereign Libya led to the extinction of the fast-developing state. The same scenario can be applied to Syria, Iran and other countries, Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

    The President underlined that the economic, political and information pressure on Belarus is getting more sophisticated, persistent and intense. They introduce economic sanctions against companies and visa restrictions against individuals.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that at present the defense of the Fatherland is no longer the prerogative of the military only. Now it is the responsibility of everyone – an officer, a scientist, a businessman, a worker, an IT specialist and an agricultural worker. After all, the strategic superiority in any confrontation depends on the consolidation of the society, Aleksandr Lukashenko said. He underlined that success can be achieved by combining the military power, scientific potential and exceptional patriotism of people.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko believes that the analysis of the recent events in the country confirms the strength of the Belarusian sociopolitical and economic model. The defense system of the country will ensure peace and stability.

    At the reception Aleksandr Lukashenko presented general’s shoulder straps to the top officers of the law enforcement agencies. The same day the head of state took part in the ceremony of laying wreaths at the Victory Monument.