Victory Day greetings

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has congratulated fellow Belarusians on Victory Day.

    The congratulatory message reads: “This sacred holiday fills our hearts with great joy and immeasurable gratitude to the Soviet nation, which crushed fascism and saved the future of humanity at the cost of millions of lives. Fueled by hate and ideas of world supremacy, the war has left open wounds in every corner, in every family of Belarus due to the monstrous crimes committed by Hitler butchers and their henchmen.”

    The heroic fight against the enemy and selfless labor on the home front became a manifestation of the nationwide resistance and the readiness of Belarusians to sacrifice themselves, the head of state stressed.

    “The unity of our ancestors, their love for the Motherland and genuine faith in victory have become moral guidelines for grateful generations of the peaceful and independent Belarusian state,” the President stated. “Years later the truth about the Great Victory protects our land from threats of the modern age. It protects the entire humanity from the revival of destructive ideas of Nazism.”

    The Belarusian nation holds the memory of the victims sacred and will never forget names of the innocent martyrs and the glory of courageous defenders and liberators, Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed out.

    The President wished strong health and long years to veterans as well as happiness, peace, and wellbeing in every home.