Victory Day greetings

    Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has extended Victory Day greetings to his compatriots.

    "This great holiday has become a symbol of courage and fortitude, valor and sacrifice of millions of Soviet people who in June 1941 courageously took the brunt of the barbaric, anti-humane ideology of Nazism and prevailed," the head of state said. “Belarus remembers its heroes - those who selflessly fought on the fronts, who, risking their lives, fought the enemy in the occupation, or performed a daily labor feat in the rear, bringing the victorious May of 1945 closer. We remember all the innocent victims of cynical experiments and monstrous cruelty of Hitler's executioners. We shall not tire of reminding the peoples of Europe of who put an end to the bloodiest war in the history of mankind."

    Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed: "This spring day, 9 May, through decades of peaceful life, still resonates in the hearts of Belarusians with pain, pride and endless gratitude to the winners. Eternal glory to true heroes! We bow low to our dear veterans.” The president wished everyone good health, kindness, love and happiness and every Belarusian home peace, prosperity and harmony.

    "Happy Great Victory Day!" the head of state said.