Independence Day greetings

    Today our country celebrates Independence Day (Republic Day).

    This holiday is a tribute to generations of Belarusians who over centuries defended the right to live in their native land and independently determine their own destiny. It preserves the memory of the unparalleled feat of the Belarusian people during the Great Patriotic War. It demonstrates the historical maturity, national dignity and the firm will of the heirs of the victorious people to strengthen their statehood.

    Having chosen the path of successive development, we have built on the best achievements of the Soviet period and multiplied them; we keep developing advanced high-tech industries. Despite the unprecedented challenges of the time, we provide social safeguards and opportunities for self-realization to every citizen.

    The spiritual, moral, intellectual, and economic basis built over the years of independence allows us to look to the future with confidence. The national unity, hard work and respect for our land are the key to achieving the most cherished goals.

    I wish you all good health, happiness, peace and prosperity.

    Happy holidays, dear friends! Happy Independence Day!

    Aleksandr Lukashenko