Independence Day greetings

    Dear compatriots,

    I wish you a Happy Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus.

    For three decades, Belarusian people have been successfully building their sovereign state. We are inspired by the example of heroic ancestors, the centuries-old history, rich culture and understanding that the ability to control our own destiny is the biggest value for any nation.

    Protecting our national interests, developing the economy and the social sector – even in the most difficult times – we have relied only on our own strength, we have worked hard and helped each other to build our wellbeing. Today, when our county is facing the unprecedented economic and information pressure, this hard experience is once again in demand. It gives us confidence that we will cope with all challenges.

    The strength of Belarusians is in the truth, unity and patriotism. We are proud of our native country, we have an army which can strongly respond to any aggression, and we have the nation of victors who remember heroes and value freedom. That is why we are confident about our future.

    I wish you good health, peace, happiness and wellbeing.

    Happy Independence Day!

    Aleksandr Lukashenko