Greetings to BRSM Youth Union

    Dear friends!

    Please, accept my warmest congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the BRSM Youth Union.

    Today, uniting hundreds of thousands of young patriots, the organization makes a significant contribution to the preservation and enhancement of the best traditions of the youth movement in Belarus. It has become a launching pad for many initiatives and a real social elevator for young talents.

    BRSM should continue running its student brigade projects and volunteer programs, community improvement projects in towns and villages, projects to perpetuate the memory of the heroism of people during the Great Patriotic War, involving young people in socially useful activities.

    Keep going, never rest on your laurels. Love your country and boldly fight for the truth.

    I wish you good health and wellbeing, peace and happiness, inspiration and success in all your endeavors for the sake of the prosperity of your dear Belarus.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko