Visit to construction site of Minsk City Technopark

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Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko visited the construction site of Minsk City Technopark on 15 August.

The President was briefed on the reconstruction of the site. The head of state demanded to speed up the works.

Minsk Mayor Vladimir Kukharev reported on the demolition of a number of unsuitable buildings and facilities, construction of new buildings and leasing them to a number of manufacturers, both public and private. The President made a tour around the site, asked about the state of affairs and progress, and gave a few instructions.

Aleksandr Lukashenko demanded to complete the foundations for the new premises before the end of the year. “We need to use advanced technologies in construction. We do not need half-meter brickwork, we need the most modern wall panels,” he said.

The head of state also warned against construction site theft. “It is inadmissible,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.

He instructed to follow the same approaches to the work at other currently unused sites in Minsk.

“We need to do everything quickly,” the head of state said.

He also emphasized the importance of preserving the historical image of the building on Partizansky Avenue.

The President noted that many component parts are now purchased from abroad, and urged domestic manufacturers to launch production of their own components. For example, the localization rate of individual products is only about 20%, and amidst global uncertainties and the sanctions, such a situation carries certain risks.

“We need to manufacture products on our own. So far we import component parts and assemble them on the ground… It’s good that we have good relations with the Chinese [OOO Minsk MotoVeloZavod buys component parts from China]. We should make them on our own, as much as possible. And this pertains to all motorcycles and bicycles.

Aleksandr Lukashenko was generally dissatisfied with what he saw, pointing to the slow implementation of the plans. In this regard, the head of state harshly criticized the people in charge. “There is nothing to see here. This will not do. This work is no good at all,” he said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko held a meeting to discuss troubled construction projects in Minsk as he visited the construction site of Minsk City Technopark.

The head of state immediately outlined the main point of the discussion - urban infrastructure development in the capital city and the construction of new facilities in compliance with all standards and commitments. “There is no need to remind you that Minsk is our calling card, a lot is being done here in terms of landscaping and enhancing the comfort of people. This is acknowledged by visitors and Belarusians. Yet, how can neverending construction projects fit into such a concept of a beautiful and cozy city? This is the main issue that we must consider today,” Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized.

In his words, some construction projects are dragging on for years. He cited the former facilities of Minsk Production Association of Computing Machinery (MPOVT) as a case in point. “It was not until the President’s intervention that the facility at the exit from the city along Pobeditelei Avenue was finally completed. It is not the only unfortunate project. Let’s take Gazprom’s neverending construction project. The commissioning of the hotel opposite Minsk Arena has been delayed for so long. The construction of a parking lot and integrated premises in the residential building at 80 Nemanskaya are not completed, either. Gulliver Mall on Kalvariyskaya Street is a silent reproach to our mismanagement,” the President said.  A similar situation is with the building near the circus in the most iconic place in Minsk.

“What do these examples suggest? They suggest that the level of mismanagement in the capital city is higher than anywhere else. There are enough crooks here, but the sluggishness of municipal officials is also a factor. And you, like no one else, should understand that this is not only a poster child of mismanagement. First of all, this is about uncreated jobs, unreceived taxes, frozen economic activity. This state of affairs is no good,” the President said.

“There is the mayor, the President’s representatives and the President’s aide for Minsk. It is time to take action, starting with Gazprom’s projects and ending with housing construction,” the President said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko demanded a report on the state of things with the construction project at the site of the former MPOVT plant, development plans for the premises of OOO Minsk MotoVeloZavod, and ways to sort out issues with other neverending construction projects in the capital city.