Police Day greetings

    Dear officers and generals, workers and veterans of law enforcement bodies,

    I cordially congratulate you on your professional holiday, Police Day.

    Being an example of justice and security for our citizens, law enforcement bodies deserve the highest award not only from the country’s governments but also from the entire Belarusian nation.

    Your branches and divisions have a huge potential and can keep the situation under control, prevent the increase in the crime rate, adequately protect the society and every citizen from any crimes.

    I am convinced that the Interior Ministry’s personnel will fulfill all tasks taking into account modern requirements and conditions, enrich traditions which have been accumulated over the decades of impeccable service, serve the Fatherland with honor and dignity.

    Today I sincerely wish you health, wellbeing, and every success in the difficult work for the benefit of the Homeland.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko