Old New Year reception

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Belarusian people are able to overcome all difficulties, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at a presidential reception in the run-up to the Old New Year on 11 January.

“The most important thing is to maintain momentum and to stick to our course. There are many of us, but Belarus is only one. This  simple truth underpins the sovereignty and independence of the country,” the President said.

“Today the world around us can be compared to an ocean that is rough all the time. Belarus is like a small, but solid ship in this ocean and we should keep it afloat,” he said.

A while ago Belarusians took stock of the old year, but today the year of 2020 is already running its round thrusting us into the whirl of events, activities, facts and opinions. “This year will be special in its own way and it will be absolutely the way we will make it. We just need, like before, to preserve and value what we have, to retain the best and to develop and create the most advanced things. Otherwise we will fall behind. Our unity, our love for the Motherland will make us many times stronger on our way to reach new heights,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The reception arranged in the run-up to the Orthodox New Year has become a good tradition and has a history behind it. “We always recall that initially it was a meeting with journalists. However, the range of guests of our festive event has been growing bigger. One thing remained unchanged: an invitation to this reception is a kind of reward for significant professional achievements and accomplishments, for absolute loyalty to our country and our people,” the head of state said.

Among the attendees were teachers and doctors, people of culture and art, scholars and civil servants, representatives of law enforcement and public associations, journalists and athletes. “It is nice to see familiar faces. I would also like to welcome those who have been invited to this reception for the first time. I am happy to take advantage of this cordial and informal event to wish a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas again and to express my gratitude for personal achievements that have made our common history,” the head of state said.

Addressing the attendees, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that their reputation and great achievements are a good example to follow for the entire society. “It is you, like-minded people with a solid civil stance and understanding of global development processes who are to become true opinion leaders,” the President said.

“Each of you should defend national interests, including in the information space. This is a task of national importance. It is you who should address this task using your expertise and knowledge, wisdom and analytical thinking to challenge primitive ideas and utter speculations,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The head of state wished the attendees to be always surrounded by love and care, good mood and inspiration in all endeavors. The President also expressed confidence that the achievements of people who received well-deserved awards will encourage and inspire their colleagues to achieve more in the name of peace and prosperity of Belarus.

“I am convinced that all the attendees deserve high state awards. Confer these awards to them, I do not mind. This is a symbol, a sign. We need more people like that here,” Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized.