Decree No. 432 on amending Belarus President Decree No. 355 of 26 June 2001

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed Decree No. 432 to amend Belarus President Decree No. 355 of 26 June 2001. The document introduces the necessary amendments to general regulations of the Belarusian army. The amendments have been introduced to over half of the previously active articles.

    The amendments bring the terms of the general army regulations into compliance with the legislation and the existing organization of the Armed Forces. Since disciplinary military units no longer exist, the regulations no longer mention the establishment of the disciplinary military unit and the placement of military personnel into disciplinary military units.

    The internal service regulations specify duties of commanders (chiefs) and the key officers in a brigade (a regiment), the procedure for introducing officials before an inspection of a military unit. The procedure for moving troops on foot has been brought into compliance with road traffic rules. For the sake of improving the effectiveness of the internal service its organization and special duties of daily details have been specified.

    The on-duty officer in a military unit is now in charge of the safety of weapons and ammunition of officers and ensigns in this military unit. The on-duty officer no longer bears duties with regard to arrested military personnel due to the absence of military detention facilities in military units of the Belarusian army.

    The military personnel on active duty under contract have to provide supporting documents after completing a course of medication in a hospital or as an outpatient.

    The procedure for daily details to guard magazines with weapons and military hardware has been reworked.

    The garrison and sentry service regulations no longer specify a number of officers in the garrison since the territorial principle is now used to support military units and some functions have been handed over to military commandant's offices.

    Taking into account the current practices duties of officers in a garrison have been specified.

    The regulations have been expanded to include the chapter on military commandant's offices. The chapter determines their legal status, basic activities and tasks as well as duties of their officers.

    The disciplinary regulations have been corrected and expanded with regard to commendations and disciplinary actions used against military personnel. The regulations now allow commendations, which lie outside the scope of the disciplinary regulations but are compliant with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

    The list of disciplinary actions applicable to cadets in military education institutions has been expanded since the cadets are now treated as military personnel on active duty under contract. The procedure for executing the disciplinary action “notification about incomplete adequacy for service” has been specified. The norm that stipulates disciplinary actions for ensigns and officers in reserve or retired ones has been removed.