New Year Address

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Dear compatriots,

Time is inestimable wealth in our lives. In such moments, when the next year comes, we strongly feel how quickly time passes and how important it is to focus on the main things – home, family, spiritual warmth of those, who we love.

In spite of superstitions the year 2013 was not unhappy. Every one of us can recall the most important events and meetings, thank our lucky stars for the minutes, hours and days which gave us a chance to feel the joy and fullness of life.

The year has passed very quickly. We were like a big family. Each of us was an integral part of a great and proud unity, which is called Belarus.

This unity was in our hearts during the oath taking at the State Flag Square.

We all have got to like this feeling and sometimes we do not even realize that living in our own land, breathing its air, drinking its crystal water, being its loved sons and caring owners, knowing that nothing but for our own mind and conscience can rule over us are part and parcel of sheer happiness.

The fact that we have this happiness, that we managed to defend it fills our hearts with confidence and hope.

Children and adults, the rich and poor, the young and old have another priceless asset – our Belarus. This is a warm and cozy home which we must preserve as a secure and, of course, happy place for our progeny.

It was not an easy way. We did not accomplish everything that we had planned. Nevertheless, the year was rich in events which will leave a good mark in history.

We came close to resolving the demographic problem. It is for the first time since 1990 that the population of the country has grown. We have launched an innovative project to build the Belarusian nuclear power plant. BelAZ assembled the first 450-tonne dump truck.

We have erected more than 5 million square meters of housing. For the first time Belarus’ food export exceeded $5 billion.

In the year 2013 we became richer in terms of simple human happiness. The number of weddings increased by almost 10,000; the number of newborns grew by about comparison with the year 2012.

Therefore, our country is among top fifty states in the United Nations Human Development Index.

Perhaps, some of us were luckier, some were less lucky. However, moments before the clock strikes twelve we hope that the new year will be more generous and successful than the old year, and that we will succeed in all undertakings.

But of course, when making wishes and plans we should understand that if we failed to fulfil something last year this means that we were passive and we are to blame for our misfortunes. All good changes will take place only if we go to all lengths to make them possible.

We will have to step up efforts not to lose what we have already achieved, to rely on our own strengths and resources and to use them wisely.

The law of life is simple. Everything that we get without any trouble will vanish like dew in the morning sun. No pains, no gains.

Dear friends,

Belarus is called the country of good people. It is a matter of honor for us to display our best features in the coming Year of Hospitality.

We all have to take responsibility for neatness and comfort, be respectful of other people, contribute to the wellbeing of the native land, help each other, care of children and elderly people. We need to become more responsive, caring, attentive and merciful. We should remember that every moment in life is priceless and unique.

At this solemn moment I want to send my best greetings to all of you. I wish Happy New Year to our fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren.

Of course, I especially thank our loved and loving women who take care of us. You give us good mood, strength, desire to move forward, create and make out lives better.

Tonight I want to thank our teachers and doctors, guardians of our souls and hearts, whose wisdom and care make us clever and healthy.

I thank our scientists whose inquisitive minds renew and transform the world.

I thank our specialists, workers, builders, our farmers who create our material wealth.

I thank those who serve in the Armed Forces and law enforcement bodies for protecting peace, law and order.

I thank everyone who helps build our common Belarusian home.

Next year let us take care of each other giving an example to our children and bearing in mind that the world rests neither upon elephants and whales like they used to believe in ancient times, nor upon money like some believe today. Love and care have always been and still are the pillars of the world. We must remember it in the New Year’s Eve.

I wish you peace, kindness and love, dear friends!

Happy New Year!