New Year Address

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Dear friends,

The New Year of 2018 is coming. In such moments it is especially noticeable how quickly the time is flying by.

Indeed, the main distinctive feature of the today’s world is the accelerating pace of life. Walking leisurely through life is like standing still, after a stop you will be lagging behind. We are constantly in a hurry, we are trying to accomplish as many goals as possible to be a success.

However, sometimes it is good to slow down a little in this ever-changing current of life. It is good to pause, at least for a moment, to see the essentials, to weigh the situation, to think about important things, and to say kind words.

New Year’s Eve is the best moment for this. Right now, a few minutes before the clock strikes midnight, let’s recall the most beautiful moments of the year and think about the future.

In the outgoing year we took resolute measures to improve our economy and thus transform our society. We were bold enough to look over the horizon and determine the goals for the future. In the coming years we will do our best to achieve them.

In this regard, I want to encourage our youth to express and explore their creative thoughts. All doors are open to you! You must reach the desired peak. The future of the country is in your hands!

We also need the help of our older generation, especially today. We need their experience, knowledge, and wisdom. They might help young people make headway, help them avoid last-minute rush, prevent them from losing touch with reality and wasting time.

Now we must cherish every day of creative work. We will have to do lots of things in all spheres of life.

In the year that will come after 2018 Belarus will host great international sports events. We will welcome thousands of guests. All Belarusians should join efforts to beautify our common homeland.

Belarus has always been famous for its clean environment, convenient towns and villages, and hospitable people. But now we need to do even more. Belarus should become an exemplary country. Our guests should take good memories with them. Then we will be even more proud of our Motherland, which is a very beautiful, comfortable, friendly, and respectable place.

Our ancestors were fighting for this free and independent country so that we could be true owners of our land.

Continuity, respect for the merits of all people, equality and justice are the major priorities for our state.

Belarus is a future oriented country. Advanced technologies and science are the pillars of our development. Blue-collar workers and agrarians are also important. We must thank them for what they give to us.

Dear friends,

People have been and will be the main treasure of Belarus. Smart, talented and committed people are the creators of our wealth.

These are doctors who protect the lives and health of their patients.

These are people who maintain law and order, ensure defense and security of our country, and occupy responsible posts.

These are miners and factory workers, builders and agrarians.

These are people who bring up and take care of children, share their knowledge with students, pioneers of science.

These are people who glorify the Motherland with their creative work and sports achievements.

I wish a Happy New Year to those who are working on New Year’s Eve. I hope that this night will be a calm and joyful night for you.

Dear friends,

In a few seconds we will start a new chapter of our life. Now it has 365 clean pages. It is up to us to decide what to write in the book of our history.

I sincerely hope that 2018 will be a peaceful, successful and happy year for you.

Share your feelings and emotions, the warmth of hearts with people around you, take care of your families and friends. May your homes be full of love and kindness!

Be happy, dear friends!

Happy New Year, Belarus!