National ball for university graduates

  • 21

Belarus hopes that young people will play a big role in the dynamic development of all walks of life in the country, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said when speaking at the national ball for university graduates on 23 June.

The head of state remarked that this wonderful gala is a scintillating ending of the student period. “It is great that this period was successful for you. You have acquired good knowledge and skills, professions and experience of social work. In fact, you have a reliable springboard for progress,” he said. “Now you have university diplomas. New horizons are open for you. The state guarantees the first job and a social status for you.”

“I would like to extend my best greetings to all graduates. Aspire, create, work, and you will be a success. Do not forget that you can reach the summit of your professional career only by expanding your knowledge and experience. Do your best to meet the expectations of your teachers and parents. Of course, you have achieved everything you have today yourselves, but it is also a big achievement of your parents and teachers. You are the most important people, the fulfillment of dreams and future plans for your parents and teachers. We hope that your education and energy will help promote the dynamic development of all walks of life in the Belarusian society,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

At the same time, the President remarked that the today’s gala is an important event both for university graduates and for the entire country. It takes place at the Palace of Independence, the cradle of Belarusian statehood, for a reason. “This is a sign of respect for youth, for the new generation of specialists,” he stressed.

The head of state remarked that today’s university graduates will soon find employment at industrial and agricultural enterprises, schools and healthcare centers, design offices and science labs, will show their talents in art and culture. Some of them may start their own business. “All the conditions are available for you to realize your capabilities. Have no doubt about it. But remember that everything will depend mostly on you,” the President stressed.

Youth is a key priority in the policy of the Belarusian government, Aleksandr Lukashenko said during the national ball. “Don’t be afraid of difficult tasks. Set ambitious goals and reach them. Setting the right goal is half the battle. And remember: Belarus needs you because your home is here. We expect you to actively use your capabilities and strengths. We will always support and help you. But we will not stop you if some of you risk going abroad. Just remember that there is no place like home. Yes, you may get paid more. Everyone’s talking about it for some reason these days. But remember that you will not have the most important thing: you will have no piece of land to call your own. Land like that means a lot. You will feel it soon after venturing into real life,” he said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko admitted he was pleased to meet with graduates of Belarusian higher education institutions on the eve of Youth Day. “You embody the best qualities of the country’s younger generation. When I see your lively faces and bright eyes, my heart is filled with faith in a decent future of the sovereign Belarus. I am convinced that you will always be able to defend our independence, bolster the economy and respect for the country in the international scene in addition to preserving peace and accord in the native land,” he said.

The President wished the graduates to make the right steps at every stage of life and make them in time. “If you fail to do something at the right moment, it might be late tomorrow because you will not be able to do this as there will be other tasks and problems,” the head of state added.

Aleksandr Lukashenko also presented the state awards and the President's letters of commendation university lecturers and graduates. After the official ceremony the guests enjoyed a concert and an entertainment program.

Attending the event were more than 270 guests, including the country’s top officials, heads of Belarusian state and private universities, lecturers and graduates from all regions.