Meeting with WB Senior Vice President for Operations Kyle Peters

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Aleksandr Lukashenko thanked the World Bank (WB) for the assistance and support in the implementation of important projects as he met with WB Senior Vice President for Operations Kyle Peters on 29 March.

“It is very good that we cooperate with each other. And, perhaps, you don’t have many claims against us,” the head of state said. “Together we have implemented an ambitious program, and today we are working out a new plan, a new cooperation strategy. It means that we have found common ground.”

“The main thing is that thanks to your actions in Belarus you give us an alternative,” Aleksandr Lukashenko added. “Your work in Belarus makes it possible to rely not only on one or two sources of support for our economy, social projects, budget, but also on the very strong support of the World Bank. I am really grateful to you for that,” the head of state stressed.

According to the head of state, when there are no alternatives, no choices, it is very difficult to build economic relations inside and to develop the social policy. “When there are choices and alternatives, there are more opportunities for success,” the President is convinced. The World Bank has invested more than $1.6 billion in important projects in Belarus so far. “Now we have a program worth almost $1 billion,” Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked.

He assured that Belarus will continue to fulfill all agreements and promises.

Kyle Peters, in turn, said that all programs of the World Bank in Belarus are well implemented. “This visit of mine is also connected with the development and approval of a new country program for Belarus for the next three-four years,” Kyle Peters said. The Senior Vice President for Operations of the World Bank added that nine programs to the tune of about $1 billion are currently on the agenda. They deal with the infrastructure, water supply, energy supply, transport. The sides also begin cooperation in education.