Meeting with Ulyanovsk Oblast Governor Sergey Morozov

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Direct contacts with Russian economic operators represent the foundation of trade and economic interaction and the foundation of Belarus-Russia relations. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement as he met with Sergey Morozov, Governor of Russia’s Ulyanovsk Oblast, on 21 September.

The head of state said that the meeting continued the recent high-level talks that had begun in Sochi. “We didn’t just talk over there. We demonstrated our unity and the desire to advance cooperation,” the Belarus President was convinced. “We demonstrated to the entire world what we can do with our hands and brains. Today’s meeting can be called a continuation of the Sochi talks, meetings, and fairs.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko mentioned the importance of Ulyanovsk Oblast’s recognition as Russia’s leader in automobile engineering and aircraft engineering. The region also strives to be at the forefront in encouraging private business and attracting major investors. Belarusian companies are connected with Ulyanovsk Oblast enterprises with manufacturing cooperation schemes. Belarusian companies supply automobile components, pumps, engines and power units to Ulyanovsk Oblast. The President said he believes it is necessary to fully utilize the existing potential and expand bilateral cooperation.

The head of state is convinced that industrial cooperation, agribusiness and the construction industry can be the priorities of cooperation between Belarus and Ulyanovsk Oblast. Belarusian agricultural, road construction and municipal equipment sells well in Ulyanovsk Oblast. In his opinion, joint passenger transport projects are also promising. “It is important that in the current complicated conditions there is an opportunity to purchase equipment in Belarus,” the head of state remarked.

Belarus is ready to take part in the development of agriculture and especially in the modernization of the animal husbandry industry in Ulyanovsk Oblast. “You know that we have experience, during the visit you can once again analyze everything and make conclusions,” the head of state said. He also said that construction materials and elevator equipment are needed for the large-scale construction of hosing that is underway in Ulyanovsk Oblast. “If you are interested and have an opportunity, we are ready to take part in such projects,” the President said.

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, Belarusian economic operators can take an active part in the development of the transport infrastructure in Ulyanovsk Oblast; in particular, they can help build roads and logistics centers.

Besides, the President believes that apart from the development of trade and economic partnership it is also essential to promote humanitarian cooperation. It is needed to expand contacts in education, science and advanced technology, healthcare, sport and tourism. “We are ready to showcase our best practices in these fireds to the members of the delegation, can share our ideas and bring innovations to life together. We have no secrets from you and from Russia in general,” the President noted. He expressed confidence that the visit of the Ulyanovsk Oblast delegation will be productive.

Sergey Morozov, in turn, said that he arrived in Minsk with a big delegation comprising representatives of various industries to study the best practices of Belarus. In particular, the delegation is interested in agriculture, development of agricultural territories, and the utilities industry.

He thanked the Belarusian President for this meeting and the meeting which took place in September ten years ago when he just became governor. Sergey Morozov noted that the previous meeting was very useful for him. “You told me what you were doing and why and gave advice to me. Back then once prosperous and successful Ulyanovsk Oblast was far from the perfect condition,” Sergey Morozov said. “Over a decade we have gone a long way and managed to implement a lot of things we had discussed at the meeting,” the governor stressed.

Nowadays Ulyanovsk Oblast is one of the most attractive Russian regions for investors. “We have learned to create new industries, restored our agricultural industry, pay attention to the development of agricultural territories,” Sergey Morozov said.

The governor was also in favor of advancing cooperation in economy, science, education with Belarus. In particular, the interaction between universities is increasingly vibrant. Besides, a number of towns and regions maintain partnership relations.

According to Sergey Morozov, Ulyanovsk Oblast is ready to create the most favorable terms for joint projects with Belarus in animal husbandry and plant cultivation.

The meeting also focused on the possibility to set up a large agricultural enterprise in Ulyanovsk Oblast with the participation of Belarus. This facility could use the best practices and achievements in agribusiness. By the way, Belarusian products, including foodstuffs, sell well in Ulyanovsk Oblast.