Meeting with UEFA President Michel Platini

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Belarus hopes to continue cooperation with the UEFA and to host big football competitions, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with UEFA President Michel Platini on 19 January.

Aleksandr Lukashenko thanked Michel Platini for the opportunity provided to Belarus to host the UEFA European Women's Under-17 Championship in 2016. “Please, rest assured the competitions will be organized at the highest level,” the head of state said. He reminded the UEFA President that the 2014 IIHF World Championship in Belarus was a success.

“We are fully determined to make this championship the best in history. You will see how we can organize such events. Perhaps you will give us an opportunity to host even bigger football competitions,” the President of Belarus said.

The head of state thanked the UEFA President for the huge attention paid to Belarus and to other developing countries, for the financial assistance and support to the Belarusian Football Federation. “The specialists you send help us greatly in football development,” the President of Belarus said.

“You can always count on us, Aleksandr Lukashenko underlined. "We have always supported and will support your undertakings since they are aimed at the development of football, creating the equal conditions for the countries participating or willing to participate in football tournaments,” the Belarusian leader said.

"Football is on the most popular sports in the world. Hundreds of millions, maybe billions of people are passionate about this sport. In terms of the number of fans football is sport number one in our country too,” said the President of Belarus. “I cannot say that we have achieved some excellent results in football. I can tell you even more: we invest a lot in football but so far we have not seen the adequate results either financial or sports ones,” he added.

Michel Platini said that he was aware of how much attention is paid to the development of football in Belarus. "We are closely following the Belarusian team and believe that in the future Belarus can achieve better results," he said. The UEFA President said he was happy with the level of contacts that have been established with the Belarusian head of state and the head of the Belarusian Football Federation. "I am sure that together we can do a lot for the development of football in Belarus,” he said.