Meeting with representatives of Belarusian, foreign media

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President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko met with the representatives of Belarusian and foreign mass media on 29 January. The meeting took place as an open dialogue between the President and reporters and lasted for more than seven hours.

Aleksandr Lukashenko answered almost 40 questions regarding Belarus’ social and economic development strategy, the state of affairs in various areas of the country’s social and political agenda, in particular, the eradication of corruption, prospects of the Eurasian Economic Union, relations with leading countries, regulation of the situation in Ukraine. Special attention was drawn to the enhancement of cooperation between the official bodies of the Republic of Belarus and mass media.

The head of state also answered a number of personal questions.

Partaking in the meeting were 253 journalists representing 235 mass media outlets, including 151 newspapers, 16 news agencies, three online media outlets, 25 TV channels, 40 radio stations, including regional programs.

Belarusian regions were represented by 142 reporters from 156 mass media outlets.