Meeting with Head of European Union Delegation in Belarus Maira Mora

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The relations between the European Union and Belarus are improving. The statement was made at the meeting of Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko and Head of the European Union Delegation in Belarus Maira Mora on 24 August.

The meeting was held in connection with the expiry of Maira Mora’s diplomatic mission in Belarus. The President praised her activities. “You have done a lot to promote dialogue with the big Europe, help us understand each other better and improve our relations,” the Belarusian President said.

The head of state expressed confidence that although Maira Mora leaves Belarus she will remain a sincere friend of the country. He said that Maira Mora would be welcome in Belarus any time. The President said she will always be a dear guest in Belarus.

Praising the contribution of the head of the EU Delegation to the development of relations between Belarus and the EU, Aleksandr Lukashenko said that everything she has done was sincere. “We know that you have done a lot of things sincerely,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted. He once again thanked Maira Mora for her sincere position and wished her success in her new undertakings. “You will have reliable friends in Belarus,” the head of state said.

The President also said that he does not meet with all ambassadors whose diplomatic missions in Belarus expire. And this meeting speaks for itself. “Our country honors the person who has been committed to the improvement of our relations rather than the worsening of them as it happens sometimes,” the head of state said.

In his opinion, Maira Mora’s work is “an example to follow for every ambassador in the host country”. “An ambassador should work to mend things, to unite rather than tear them apart and separate,” Aleksandr Lukashenko added.

Maira Mora, in turn, said that she is leaving Belarus as the relations with the European Union are improving. “I would like to see the relations remain like this in the future. We are neighbors and we should live in peace and concord,” Maira Mora said.

She thanked the President of Belarus for the high assessment of her diplomatic activity. Speaking about her successor, Maira Mora stressed: “I leave my beloved Belarus in good hands.”

Maira Mora said she was lucky to work in Belarus in two different posts, at first as Latvia’s Ambassador to Belarus and then as head of the European Union Delegation. “I have seen different Belarus. I was in Belarus in different times,” she noted.

The head of the EU Delegation believes it is important that the relations between Belarus and the EU are improving. "I am a diplomat. Conversations, contacts are our weapon. We should not shut each other off. On the contrary we need to discuss all issues, even the pressing ones, which I did all these years,” Maira Mora said.

The meeting focused on topical issues on the international agenda. Apart from that, the of Belarus in maintaining stability and security in Europe was praised.