Meeting with Director General of Roscosmos State Corporation Dmitry Rogozin

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Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko met with Director General of Roscosmos State Corporation Dmitry Rogozin on 21 January to discuss joint Belarus-Russia projects in the space industry.

The head of state suggested discussing various avenues of Belarus-Russia cooperation in the space industry, including in the context of national programs. “You have a formidable program, and we are mulling over our participation in it, we do not conceal it. There were many ideas, many of them were fulfilled. But right now we are taking not even our first steps in space exploration, we are taking possible steps. It is an expensive affair, but the space industry development is one of Belarus’ priorities because it involves advanced technologies,” Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked.

In his words, Belarus is interested in the development of advanced technologies across the board, and Russia is a global leader in many fields. “The development of advanced technologies is Belarus’ number one priority as the country does not have abundant natural resources. Belarus has always relied on the skills and brains of its people, their experience and qualifications. Space is a litmus paper for assessing the potential and capabilities of any state and people,” the head of state added.

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, Belarus and Russia have a good basis for cooperation in this industry. In his words, Belarus is ready to discuss any proposals of Russian partners.

Dmitry Rogozin also believes that the Belarusian-Russian cooperation in the space industry is increasingly vibrant. “We maintain close cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, with enterprises,” he said. “As far as the penetration of the space services market is concerned, I believe that there is a huge cooperation potential for Belarusian and Russian enterprises.”

At the meeting the Roscosmos head presented a small souvenir, a glove of an astronaut who had recently returned from a space mission, to Aleksandr Lukashenko. “I will tell you later who it was, I don’t want other astronauts to be jealous,” Dmitry Rogozin said.

“I have never had such a legendary gift before,” the head of state thanked Dmitry Rogozin.