Meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusy, Agriculture and Food Minister Leonid Zayats

    It is necessary to enable all the conditions for selling merchandise for Belarusian farmers. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement as he heard out a report from Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusy and Agriculture and Food Minister Leonid Zayats.

    The head of state underlined that agrarians should have every opportunity to sell their products, thus satisfying the nation’s demand. It should be done without any red-tape by organizing fairs and bazaars.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko also gave instructions to put more efforts into raising the nation’s awareness about the state of affairs in the country’s agribusiness industry. “People want to see Belarusian agricultural products on shop shelves at affordable prices,” explained the President. “They are satisfied with our products and are interested in whether we will have enough food of our own, apparel of our own, our own industrial crops (potatoes, corn, beet, and so on) to last till the new harvest. This is what I am primarily interested in.”

    The head of state was informed about the financial state of the agribusiness, results of the harvesting campaign and technical support for the harvesting campaign. “All of you were given instructions to make sure that pickup balers wrap up fodder into plastic film. It is our salvation in this climate. We need roll-fed presses of our own in order to package fodder into plastic film. We agreed that next year you will demonstrate a Belarusian press that will be on par with German, Dutch, or French ones,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko was told that Belarusian agricultural enterprises had harvested 99.7% of the areas under crops. With the average yield at 33.4 centners per hectare, Belarusian farmers have gathered in over seven million tonnes of cereals and leguminous crops. Corn harvest is expected to exceed 1.3 million tonnes.

    The President drew attention to the harvesting of flax and colza: “It is possible to find many excuses but we have definitely gained less than even last year. We either sowed seeds into dry soil or didn’t have enough water.”

    It is time for the central government, in particular, the Agriculture and Food Ministry, to start performing scientific and control functions with regard to agriculture, stressed Aleksandr Lukashenko. “There are people fit to properly organize the sowing and harvesting campaigns: district administrations, oblast administrations, and individual agricultural enterprises. But you should be the ones responsible for new things, cutting-edge things, and oversight over the proper observation of technologies,” said the head of state.

    “I would like to warn you. It applies to oblast governors as well. You know how things should be done. You are experienced people, who have seen a lot in their lives. You know in what direction we should move on. If next year we have the kind of problems we have this year, other people will be put in charge. I want you to understand it,” stressed the head of state.

    The President gave instructions to prepare a government conference by November to take a close look at the situation in agriculture and the effect the measures designed to support Belarusian agriculture have produced.