Meeting with Chairman of Board of IOOO Slavkaliy Mikhail Gutseriyev

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Belarus has outlined plans to become a world leader in the production of potash fertilizers, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with Russian businessman, Chairman of the Board of IOOO Slavkaliy Mikhail Gutseriyev on 31 August.

The President remarked that Belarus is one of the leaders in the manufacturing and sale of potash fertilizers, including pelletized fertilizers, today. “We do not just sell “powder”. Well, we sell it too. It is cheaper. But the demand for other quality of products is much higher,” he said.

“Belarus is one of the leaders. But when we implement two national projects, namely the project to build a potash fertilizer plant in Petrikov and the Slavkaliy project, Belarus will become a world leader in the production of potash fertilizers,” the head of state stressed.

He also deemed it necessary to step up work with partners to promote corresponding products on the world markets. “Perhaps, this can be India or China. We should build a policy with them. It should include many issues ranging to the sale of these fertilizers. India is a colossal market, China is another colossal market, we can also work with Brazil. They, especially Indians, do not have enough potash fertilizers. And they are ready to work with us. We need to find common approaches with them right now,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The President asked about the progress in the Slavkaliy project in Belarus. Mikhail Gutseriyev said that the work has already begun. Belarusian and famous German companies are involved in the project.