Meeting with Belarusian Interior Minister Igor Shunevich

    The police should step up efforts in fighting hooliganism. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko gave the relevant instructions as he met with Belarusian Interior Minister Igor Shunevich on 28 December.

    The head of state was concerned about an increase in hooliganism crimes and the inability of law enforcement agencies to find those responsible at times. In his words, the state of affairs “puts moral pressure on our people while we have to protect them.” The President urged police to put a stop to hooliganism including with legal action and courts.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko spoke in positive terms about the practice of employing police force to patrol the streets in cities and towns. “It is a very good practice. It should be maintained everywhere,” the President was convinced. “It is a very good endeavor and provides positive influence on public security.”

    According to the President, it is important to make citizens in Belarus, particularly elderly ones, to feel protected.

    Igor Shunevich told Aleksandr Lukashenko that the crime situation in the country is totally under control. The Minister informed the President about the Interior Ministry’s performance in 2015, the main figures that describe the crime situation in the country, and the measures the Ministry is taking to influence these figures.

    The President gave a balanced and generally positive evaluation of the Interior Ministry’s performance. He pointed out some shortcomings that Belarusian police still needs to address.