Meeting with Armenia Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan

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There are no and will be no problems in the relations between Belarus and Armenia, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with Armenia Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on the sidelines of the session of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in Sochi on 14 May.

“I have been waiting for this meeting. I am not sure that we will have enough time to discuss all issues existing in the world and around us in detail. I do not think there will be any problems in our relations,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The President expressed readiness to inform the new prime minister of Armenia about the development of relations between the two countries, about the operation of the Eurasian Economic Union. “It is very important for me to tell you about Belarus and our attitude to the fraternal Armenian people and to your state. Therefore, this meeting is very important,” the Belarusian leader said. “You have coped with the situation with dignity, it is very good. We are happy for you.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko added that he has recently discussed the development of the situation in Yerevan with the President of Armenia. A decision was made to send Belarusian journalists to Armenia for the objective coverage of events. “I am grateful to him, to you, and to your people. Our journalists met with the representatives of your staff and got an objective picture,” the head of state said.

He once again congratulated Nikol Pashinyan on the election of as the prime minister of Armenia and wished him every success. “You can count on us as usual. Our policy in the relation to the very close people of Armenia will never change. I promise. It will be as constructive and friendly as it is now,” the President assured.

Nikol Pashinyan, in turn, said that the Belarusian-Armenian relations have a huge untapped potential. “The trade between Belarus and Armenia has been on the rise in the recent year. This is quite impressive. However, honestly speaking, we still have a huge untapped potential. We need to work in this direction. Armenia has a lot which may interest Belarusian business. The same is true about Belarus,” said Nikol Pashinyan.

He expressed confidence that the relations between the two countries would always be at a high level regardless who is in the power.

The Prime Minister also expressed gratitude to Belarusian journalists for their objective coverage of the situation in Yerevan.